Electrician Services in the Conroe, TX area


Emergency Repairs: Don’t Waste Hours Of Your Valuable Time.

  • Emergency power needs
  • Emergency repairs and test equipment
  • Technical and craft resources
  • Power systems and equipment assessment
  • Specifying and sourcing replacement parts
  • Site management and logistics
  • Service center network providing expert repair services…on-site and in-shop
  • Testing, repair, modernization, and upgrades


Panel Repair & Replacement: Should Your Electrical Panel Be Evaluated For Repair Or Replacement?

An electrical system typically consists of several separate electrical circuits that provide electricity to various areas of a structure. The electrical panel (i.e. breaker panel; breaker box) is the heart of the electrical system, and distributes the electricity to each of the electrical circuits. It also serves as the brain or safety net for the entire system. Generally, each circuit in the electrical system is protected by a circuit breaker in the electrical panel. These breakers should trip and shut off the power to an electrical circuit whenever there is a problem. However, when the panel or breaker is not functioning properly, it can fail to stop the flow of electricity through the damaged circuit, and the end result could be arcing, sparking, extreme heat, and fire within the structure. Also, if panels and breakers are old or damaged, they could malfunction at a critical time. Don’t wait until something happens. Contact us today!


Rewiring: Make sure it’s done right the first time!

When it comes to electrical rewiring for your home, our Conroe, TX electricians can determine if your circuits need to be replaced. At New Generation Electric, our expert Conroe, Texas electricians can rewire your old, unsafe electrical wiring and replace it with modern electrical circuits.

Electrical remodel wiring is an excellent choice for people who are buying, building, or selling a new home and plan to remodel it. Finding a reliable electrician that can work with your home’s unique wiring needs are critical when it comes to finishing your home remodeling project.


Underground Services: Electrical underground wiring repair and replacements.

If you have partial power or have lost all power, you may have a disconnect or break in your service lateral or underground wiring.

This is the wiring that runs from  an energy providers transformer or pedestal to your home or office. The underground wiring is the homeowner’s or building owners responsibility. We can diagnose this problem, and coordinate with the engery provider and the city you live in for the proper permit and start the re-installation of the service conductors and conduit.